OMAC Martial Arts Seasonal Camps

Welcome to OMAC Martial Arts Camps, where adventure meets discipline, and warriors are born! Our Seasonal Camps, located across Burlington, Oakville, Vaughan, Ancaster, Mississauga and Waterdown offer a unique blend of martial arts, fitness, field trips and character development. Get ready to embark on a journey that will shape both body and mind.

March Break Camps

Kick off your child’s March Break with a burst of energy at an OMAC Martial Arts Camp! In addition to exhilarating martial arts classes, our March Break Camps include sports, crafts and field trips. From nature hikes to team-building challenges, your child will not only enhance their martial arts skills but also develop teamwork, leadership, and new friendships.

Summer Camps

Make this summer extraordinary with OMAC Martial Arts Camps! Our Summer Camps offer a perfect balance of martial arts training, crafts, sports and exciting field trips. Picture your child engaging in martial arts and enjoying team sports that build both physical and mental agility. Our summer camps are a holistic experience that combines the best of martial arts and outdoor fun.

Winter Camps

When the winter chill sets in, warm up with the excitement of OMAC Martial Arts Camps! Our Winter Camps provide a dynamic mix of indoor and outdoor activities. In addition to mastering martial arts techniques, your child can experience the thrill of outdoor activities and winter-themed challenges. We believe in embracing the winter wonderland while staying active and building resilience through our engaging outdoor activities.

Why Choose OMAC Martial Arts Camps?

Enroll your child in OMAC Martial Arts Camps today and witness the transformation as they embark on a journey of empowerment, self-discovery, and martial arts mastery. Let’s make every camp season an adventure to remember!



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