In honour of the black belt grading ceremony quickly approaching, it is with great pride that we present some of our OMAC students in the running for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree black belt.

These students embraced the opportunity to reflect on their unique journey. As a result of their sweat, tears, pain, and effort, our students take this time to look back at the road they have travelled to be where they are now. Amidst all the chaos and excitement of their training, these students offered OMAC an inside look at their hard work and how being a student with our school has impacted them.

Some of these students have trained with OMAC right from the beginning. In these reflections, we see the growth that these students have experienced not only in martial arts but in life. Training for your 1st dan is no easy feat. Achieving the 1st dan is not the end of a student’s martial arts journey, it is simply the beginning. There is more work to be done and more joy to be felt. As we hear from our instructors, achieving and being a black belt is not about the piece of cloth around your waste, it is about embracing a black belt attitude. An attitude that persists through the hardest of endeavours is one that wins in the end.

OMAC is so proud to watch our students grow into the amazing people they are today. Their training is always continuing, and their growth is never ending.

Sincere thanks go out to our participants. We are extremely proud of each of you!


Christina Makkar OMAC Journey to black belt

Black Belt Journey – interview Alexander Medved p.1

Black Belt Journey – interview Alexander Medved p.2

Dushan Journey To Black Belt

Aditya Param Journey to black belt p1

Aditya Param Journey To black belt p2

Jeremy Sydor Journey To Black Belt

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