I started Tae Kwon Do in April, 2013. The reason why I want a black belt is to prove that I accomplished something and to show off the hard work and dedication I put into learning self-defense and achieving black belt.

The reason I got interested in Tae Kwon Do is because of the exercises we do and the self-defense techniques and learning new patterns almost every day. Another reason is because of the enthusiasm of the instructors. After I achieve black belt, I will continue on training and learning more patterns and different self-defenses through weaponry.

If ever I have to use Tae Kwon Do, I will remember what my instructors told me. First back off, if they still charge at you, surprise them and stun them and quickly run away, before you get into more trouble.

The first class I took here, I was feeling pretty scared and nervous. But then I realized it’s more fun than anything else. Around my first orange belt class, I met a friend named Matthew. After that, we were always training partners. Then Master Min invited me to demo team and same with Matthew. Then I heard about sparring class, and I joined that too. It is pretty intense workout.

This will help me in the long run because when I enter college or university, I can teach younger kids Tae Kwon Do as a part time job. Achieving black belt will raise my chances of teaching.

This is the reason why I want a black belt.

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