With a citywide tournament fast approaching, it is a critical time to ask us, “why compete in a tournament?” OMAC recognizes the importance of exploring the many reasons why it is beneficial to take your taekwondo skills to the competition floor.

Competing in a taekwondo tournament helps students to build confidence. In tandem, the experience of competing in a tournament skyrockets students’ growth in martial arts. Additionally, a day of tournament offers families a bonding experience.

Competing in a tournament opens students up to learn about their potential and to build confidence. In competition, a student learns that it is not always about winning or losing. Celebrate the courage and bravery it takes to stand up and perform in front of a crowd of judges, acknowledging that the process of showing up for the task is worth all the glory and praise. In addition, a student gains confidence in their winning success, and learns humility and humbleness in the moments they do not come out on top. It is inevitable that all students will at some time experience both winning and losing in competition, this is part of the experience and will help them to grow as martial artists and as individuals. Winning or losing do not define you; it is how you carry yourself in both of these experiences that shapes your character.

Competing in tournaments helps to improve a students martial arts training. Often students can become accustomed to the style and training of their specific academy. While this is not inferior, it is important to remember that exploring the many varieties of training styles can inspire change in students’ determination and practice. Pushing one’s own boundaries in a competitive environment can be eye opening and empowering for students, young and old. Watching students from other academies can inspire students to elevate their own personal standard of their training. Competing also teaches students how to perform under pressure and stress. This is useful for developing grace, precision, and consistency in performance.

Finally, a day in tournament brings the entire family together to share a unique experience. Parents and siblings find this opportunity to support the competitor while gaining insight into the world of taekwondo. The experience of watching a taekwondo class in the OMAC gym is hugely different than sitting in the hustle and bustle of a multi city tournament. The experience is thrilling and enlightening. A day of tournament offers insight to the competitor, and by extension, to the families of our students. A day in tournament is filled with fun and anticipation.

Overall, going out to compete in taekwondo helps to mold you into a better martial artist. Much is gained and nothing is lost in this experience. A new sense of confidence is acquired, many new styles of training are revealed, and a lasting memory is conjured. At any age, competing in taekwondo is a worthy opportunity to gain under your belt!

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The Young Park Classic VII tournament boasts over 400 trophies to be won!

Tournament will take place on Saturday April 23, 2016 at Westmount High School, located at 39 Montcalm Drive in Hamilton, Ontario.

Events include: Sparring (no head contact for colour belts), PatternsWeaponryBoard Breaking (official wood boards must b purchased at event $2 each).

Cost to compete is $70 for any two events. $15 for each additional event. Cash only payable at all OMAC schools.


For more information on this tournament ask your OMAC instructors or contact the host academy:

Young Park Martial Arts



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