A little boy with Juvenile Arthritis fights back! Ayden currently holds the Purple Belt rank at OMAC.

This came in from Sonja Soares, Ayden’s mom:

“When Ayden started at Taekwondo, he was very unsure of himself at such a young age. With the help and focus of the instructors at OMAC, Ayden has grown to be a positive young boy.

Ayden was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis at the age of 6 and when we thought his dreams of becoming a black belt were over, and that he would have to quit training. The amazing response he received from OMAC was overwhelming. They have modified his exercises, and have encouraged him to continue for his black belt. They taught him never to give up no matter what challenges you.

Because of this, he is stronger and more determined than ever before. Even though he is physically challenged at times, he can hold his head high because he knows he’s not going to give up the fight.

Our family is eternally grateful to the ENTIRE OMAC team and we thank you for your continued support for our son Ayden. He loves you all so very dearly and you will always hold a special place in our hearts!”

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